Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

How Do I Select a Rehab Facility?

This guide is intended to be used as a worksheet. Use the first column in the right margin to indicate what aspect of rehabilitation is most important to you, using a 1-5 rating system. Use the remaining column to make notes on the programs you are interested in.

What are the Rehab Professionals?

There are a variety of rehab professionals that specialize in specific areas of rehabilitation. Click here to learn who they are and what they do

How Do I Select and Monitor Brain Injury Rehab Services?

The first critical step toward achieving maximum recovery is careful selection of rehabilitation services which best meet the needs of the person with brain injury and the family. The second, and equally vital step in the rehabilitation process, is to participate actively in decision-making about the monitoring of service delivery. Active and ongoing participation means you will be better prepared to make solid, informed decisions and to maximize available resources

How do I find a Support Group?

There are support groups all over Georgia. Click here for more detailed information about location and meeting times.

What is the Road to Rehabilitation?

Persons with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and their families must make many important decisions in the early days following injury. One significant decision-that of selecting an attorney-is often placed on the "back burner" while the pressing question of treatment and rehabilitation are addressed. Yet, obtaining the right lawyer as soon as practical may well be a key factor in determining the amount of damages recovered by the patient. Monetary damages secured through personal injury litigation may be used not only to compensate the person with TBI for pain and suffering and lost income, but may also be applied to fund programs of rehabilitation and therapy which are often required in these cases, and without such resources rehabilitation may not be available.

More Detailed Questions

What are the Los Amigos Levels of Cognitive Function?

The Rancho Los Amigos Levels of Cognitive Functioning (RLA) were designed to measure and track an individual's progress early in the recovery period. The RLA scale describes levels of functioning and is used to assess the efficacy of treatment programs. It has been used as a means to develop "level-specific" treatment interventions and strategies designed to facilitate movement from one level to the next. A RLA level is based on behavioral observations. The RLA scale designates eight levels of functioning. more

What is the Road to Rehabilitation?

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